Press Release !!!! 11-29-13

For Immediate Release             November 29, 2013 

Hyatt Extreme Christmas Lighting Ceremony – 6:00pm Tonight!

 A Tradition Continues for the 20th Season in the City of Plantation

(Plantation, FL.)  For over 20 years, the Hyatt Extreme Christmas display has been entertaining, inspiring and motivating families from around Planation and South Florida. Tonight, Kathy and Mark Hyatt will continue illuminating the spirit of the holidays by turning on the lights at 6:00pm this evening.

 “We take great joy in creating memories for children both young and old during this special time of year. You can see our display of more than 200,000 lights for FREE.  We work to raise awareness and funds for chartable partners such as Humane Society, Broward Food Bank and Support for the Military working with the Red Cross “Holiday Cards for Heroes”, said Mark Hyatt.  “We invite anyone who wants to experience the spirit of the holidays to come to the Hyatt Extreme Christmas. You and your family will come away entertained, inspired and filled with the wonder of the holidays.”

 The Hyatt Extreme Christmas has enjoyed a special partnership with the City of Plantation for nearly 20 years.  During that time, the partnership has touched not only families enjoying the display, but raising money for local charities. 

 Also, the City of Plantation has gained national notoriety after being selected by ABC network for a new reality show, “The Great Christmas Light Fight”, which will air next month.

 “We have been blessed with the opportunity to take our passion for Christmas and share that spirit with families across the region,” continued Hyatt.  “We have faith that this year’s display will continue to offer special moments for families traveling here both near and far.  The look on the children’s faces is priceless, so come and visit.”

 About Hyatt Extreme Christmas:  The Hyatt Extreme Christmas is a family sponsored event that offers the display free to the public.  The display has grown over the 20 years from hundreds to tens of thousands of Christmas Lights.  Local ABC affiliate ranked Hyatt Extreme Christmas the number 1 display in South Florida. 

 For more information on hours of operation and family testimonials you can go to

Also, you can visit the website at:

 Contact Mark Hyatt at 954-658-7893

11201 N.W. 14 Street, Plantation, Florida

Hyatt Extreme Christmas WSVN Channel 7

wsvn picture 2 for video


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  1. 1
    qtpi1969 Says:

    You guys MUST write on your website about the traffic situation, parking changes, and how to actually get onto Old Hiatus to park.
    People are confused and since this is the homepage/info page for your display, you need to keep people updated on what has been going on.
    We were turbed away on Old Hiatus and had to detour via Hiatus and then backtrack on Old Hiatus to park. Then we had to walk half a mile to the house.
    I am all for what you do, and I walked it fine, but little kids and elders or handicappec should be forwarned.

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