Photo Gallery

Cars slow down for Children and Reindeer Crossing


Santa & the Reindeers Taking off into the Air to deliver Toys

Santa's Workshop is Roomy at 10 x 14 feet big

Santa and the Elves are busy in the Workshop

The Icecube Snowman are a Christmas Favorite

Princess Snow White and the 7 DrawfsNew for 2010, Lifesize Gingerbread Village

Front Entryway of Homne


Trumpet Angels annoucing "Our Savious is Born"

Enjoy the Choir of Angels Singing

3 Windmills spin w/ lights surrounded by Tulips Flowers

Check out the Penquins in Snow and Blue Water

Our Top 3 Favorite Florida Colleges honored in Lollipops!

Come and Enjoy our 18 foot Ferris Wheel of Lights that takes all the Stuffed Dolls and Animals for a Ride


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  1. 1
    penniearneson Says:

    What an incredible display! I can’t wait to see the finished project!

  2. 3
    Lisa Says:


  3. 6
    Lisa Says:


  4. 7
    Dawn Says:

    Kathy, How beautiful! I hope to get down south sometime over the holidays and will be sure to stop and see this in person!

  5. 8
    Betty Gail Walters Says:

    Mark and Kathy,

    This Christmas Display is Phenominal. Christmas is and has always been my favorite holiday. I am just a kid at heart and still today, get excited when I see the bright lights, and hear the Christmas carols. You guys are amazing. Thank you for sharing this with so many. What a kind and generous gift you are giving to all. And most of all thanks for keeping Christ in Christmas. God Bless You and Keep You Safe.
    “BG” Walters

  6. 9
    buddy hayward Says:

    Great Job Hyatt’s on the awesome Christmas spirit,
    I really hope to see you there and to see the finished project!!!
    Buddy Hayward

  7. 10
    Fay Says:

    I’ve enjoyed taking my granchildren to see your display for the past three years. It’s magical and makes me feel like a kid myself. Thank you for this gift to the community!

  8. 11
    Richard Says:

    Hello. I came across your link on Planet Christmas. I live here in Florida as well. And i must say your display is outstanding. Phenominal! Congratulations on a great display.

  9. 12

    My horse friends and I agree….we loved your display (although our horses were a bit nervous)!!!! Thank you for keeping Christmas, Christmas!!!

  10. 13
    Lucia Vichot Says:

    I used to pass by every single year when I was a kids with my family to see your fabulous display, I haven’t gone in years because I didn’t know where it was(since I haven’t been in ages)But I can not wait to see it this year, I’m sure it will feel like the first time again. I love the work you guys do it is absolutely beautiful and heart warming. Happy Holidays and I hope there are many more years to come of your display.

  11. 14

    Hello Hyatts!!! Love the house. We have to come by and see it live! Many Blessings and Merry Christmas!! You guys ROCK!

  12. 15
    Jim Mills Says:

    Hello Mark and Katherine,

    I see you have added more scenes to your Christmas display since we were at PFC together. As always, your work is well conceived, well executed and fabulous. You get my vote for the Best Decorated House in Florida! Peace

  13. 16
    William Says:

    When is that Florida State lollipop going to move closer to the gate?

  14. 17
    Antoinette Says:

    I was visiting with your lovely neighbors the Bingers and what a pleasure it must be for them to have this lovely view from across there yard, you have certainly brought the Christmas spirit to this neighborhood, keep the tradition going.

    Thank you

  15. 18
    Alvaro Says:

    Que belleza de casa, los felicito por la decoracion y por la atencion que tienen con las personas que tenemos la posibilidad de llegar a su hogar, que Dios los bendiga y los colme de bendiciones, un abrazo desde Colombia

  16. 19
    Ryan Says:

    Great display of lights. My whole family enjoyed it!

  17. 20
    Bruce&Catherine Rawdin Says:

    Mark and Kathy,
    You guys are awesome. You exemplify the spirit of the holidays and are an inspiration to us all. What a wonderful display you have created to bring pleasure and joy to all who view it and all who have the pleasure of knowing what friendly, warm and generous hearts you have.
    Thanks again for bring such a joyous wonderland to our community.

  18. 21
    Richard Says:

    Your display is out of this world. Your display just screams Christmas. I love the ferris wheel. Did you make it yourself and if so would you mind sharing the how to. I would love to build one for my display. Thanks for all your hard work on your display.

    • Thanks Richard, We love the Ferris Wheel too. What I did is I would watch “YouTube” Extreme Christmas Videos and then email each of them with questions. The Ferris Wheel came out of New Mexico from this great guy name Troy who is a Nasa Engineer. Here is his email: get in touch with him and he will set you up.

      Thanks for visiting us!

  19. 23
    Joe Peters Says:

    Awesome display guys, will try to stop by tomorrow night!

  20. 24
    Richard D'Albert (Jr.) Says:

    I saw the skylights and told my dad we had to check it out. I’m glad we did. It was the most amazing display ever and really shows the Christmas Spirit. Thank you! I am hoping to see the display back next year bigger and better (if possible) 😀
    Your neighbor, Richard D’Albert.
    (I think Kathy knows my mom Kristi lol)

  21. 25
    kelly Says:

    UCF is a favorite florida school… year????

  22. 26
    venkatesh Says:

    Thanks for doing this.

  23. 27
    paul mcglothin Says:

    Terrific Website. Our whole family loved the pictures.

    Thanks for making Christmas Merry!

  24. 28

    Mark, Kathy, Family & Crew,

    I want to thank you for the VIP treatment you gave my family as we approached your magical home……What an amazing display of happiness your home showed as we walked by every decoration and set-up. Just to know that there are people such as yourselves in the world that want to bring joy, happiness and a smile to a peoples faces during the holiday season is pricesless and one-of-a-kind!!! On behalf of the Rosen Family we want to wish you a great holiday and a happy & healthy new year in 2010!!! You guys are incredible!!!!!

    ps: The Aerial View was a special treat that we’ll remember forever…..Thank you!!!

  25. 29
    Garrett Says:

    i was wondering on your ferris wheel how do you get the lights to light up while i turns without then getting wrapped around and around again?

  26. 30
    Rita Fitton Says:

    Hi Mark & Kathy,
    I was just looking at your website and come across your Hyatt Christmas. I’ve never seen it before but will make a special trip into your neighborhood when christmas comes around again. It looks absolutely fantastic. It’s lucky for the rest of us that their are people like you two around who put in such a massive effort for the pleasure of others.
    Well done and see you soon..Rita & Paul from World of Granite.

  27. 31

    We have a 55,000 light Christmas display, here in Illinois and are selling our home here and moving our Christmas Display to Georgia. When we get there, we would like to build a Ferris Wheel, similar to yours. We already have 90 blowmolds; A Disney Castle with animation; Santa workshop with animated elfs; etc., etc., etc.
    Can you explain to us, how you built this Ferris Wheel? Does it actually revolve? And how? What did you use to make the seats? And the frame? My husband and I have built many things for our display, including a Gingerbread House & the Disney Castle & ski slopes for snow boarding Penquins and a rope tow ski slope for skiing Polar Bears but never a Ferris Wheel. We have alot of white teddy bears in Christmas clothes that would look great, riding in one.Thank you for any info that you can help us with. The Dawson’s.

  28. 32
    Merrie Says:

    Thank you so very very much. You put a huge smile on my face. My husband just passed away this year and it’s be very difficult to find things to smile about. Your Wonderful Chirstmas display brings more joy then you can imagine. Thank you

  29. 33
    Ligia Badore Says:

    Lord thank you for this family, fill their hearts with peace

  30. 34
    carolyn Says:

    my beloved mom went to be with the lord this summer,i miss her terribly.She was my best friend and i have been blessed to have had her in my life for 95yrs,even though 8-9 years were slowed a little by alzheimers.Christmas was one of her most beloved holidays.Thank you for the beautiful and unselfish displays by all.You have made this holiday a little more bearable,as this is the very first christmas without her.May God Bless all of the participants for Christmas 2010.

  31. 35
    nimfa Says:

    thanks you for keeping up with the tradition, came acroos your website tonight on spectacular lights display in south florida. my kids will surely enjoy the lights show..see u guys on the weekend

  32. 36
    Jacques Charbonneau Says:

    I want to your place whit my wife and congradulation ;; en francais cest merveilleux,Joyeu Noel–Merry Christmas to all of you Jacques Charbonneau 200 rue Allan Philipsburg Quebec Can.

  33. 37
    Jean Says:

    What an incredible display of lights! Your family has so much spirit. I wish I lived near there. If I ever get down that way during the holidays, I will be sure and stop by to see your lights. They bring joy to so many people.

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