Meet the Reindeers


Dancer’s title can be taken by either a male or a female reindeer.  Santa came up with the name when he spotted a group of reindeer who had strayed onto a pond that had frozen into a very slippery sheet of ice. The other deer skidded back to the snowy banks,but one glided gracefully across, showing great strength and balance.  Santa named the deer “Dancer”.  Since then, every reindeer to be given the name has loved music, long-legged leaping, and the sound of sleigh bells.


Vixen is a very clever deer, and always a female.   While male reindeer are generally bigger and stronger than the females, they’re not always smarter. The very first Vixen was spotted by Santa, leading her Herd on their winter migration.  She kept looking over her shoulder, checking that the North Star was behind her, so that she knew she was heading South.  Every Deer to take the name “Vixen” is highly intelligent.  She is always able to find her was from street to street as easily as she can make her way through the darkest forest.


The Reindeer that have been named “Blitzen” always the fastest of the Sleigh Team, are timed running at speeds of more than 70 miles per hour.  The very first Blitzen, a name that means “lightning” in German, was spotted by Santa, running far out in front of this Herd.  The Reindeer stopped suddenly, ran back toward the Herd, and sprinted back and forth in front of them, stopping any  of the other reindeer from moving forward.  He knew, you see, that they were about to walk on snow that was covering a thin  layer of ice over a frozen lake.


 One dark night a group of elves, returning from a trip to the southern forests, were caught in a terrible blizzard outside the magic portal leading to Santa’s realm.  When they arrived home, one of the elf children was missing.  Search parties struggled in vain to find the child.  Once Reindeer kept dashing out into the storm. Eventually he came trotting in through the portal with the child on his back, safe and sound.  Santa named the reindeer “Dasher”. Every Reindeer who has been given the name has been full of energy and has had a special love of children.


Donner is a big eater and is always hungry. He loves carrots, and once ate a whole sackful of them that was left in the stables by a kitchen elf.  Donner only meant to nibble one or two, but just couldn’t stop himself from eating it all.  Santa banned him from having any carrots for a whole week.  Donner is the largest and strongest of the Sleigh Team.  One Day, out on the Artic Tundra, Santa thought he heard thunder, but then realized that what he was actually hearing was the pounding hooves of a large, powerful reindeer.  He named the reindeer “Donner” which means “Thunder” in German.


When some elf children making a snowman accidentally let a snowball knock over a charcoal grill, a young reindeer walking nearby picked his way through the glowing embers with such agility that the Sleigh Master suggested he should be named “Prancer”.  Since then there have been both male and female
Prancers-all fast, nimble, agile reindeer. The thing that they all have in common is that they are full of fund and love to romp around.  No Prancer has ever liked being groomed as it means standing still for too long!


Santa and the Sleigh Master were visiting the reindeer herds one year when they saw a comet in the sky. They were marveling at the sight when suddenly , on the edge of a forest, a fine young reindeer appeared. When the Reindeer saw them, she was startled, and set off at great speed, kicking up a cloud of snow behind her, just like the comet in the sky above. The young reindeer was embarrassed when she realized it was Santa who had frightened her, but she was terribly keep to journey to the North Pole. Santa, naturally, named her “Comet”.


Many years ago Santa spotted a lone reindeer wandering on a snow slope. Suddenly there was a sharp cracking noise.  The snow on the mountainside had broken away ~~ it was an avalanche.  Santa watched as the reindeer struggled to reach a rocky cliff where it could take shelter.  Just as the avalanche was about to engulf him, the reindeer leaped straight at the  cliff.  The reindeer had spotted a narrow crack in the stone, just big enough for him to squeeze into.  Santa called the reindeer “Cupid” because he flew straight as Cupid’s Arrow.

For more information on Santa’s Awesome Reindeers, read the most wonderful book Titled “Santa’s Reindeers” written by Rod Green. This can be purchased any bookstore.


  1. 1

    Toooo Cutuute! This is Aweeeesom!
    luv, the kufliks
    (somebody misses you in AZ)

  2. 2
    Susan Gordon Says:

    Love your Meet the Reindeers! I am going to go buy the Book, thanks for posting.

  3. 3

    Pretty amazing. I can’t imagine in the 10 years I’ve lived here that I’ve never seen it. My holiday Channukah starts tonight but I think we’ll take a ride by and see you. Have a happy holiday, maybe I’ll see you at a company function,.

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