Honors our Military Troops

Hyatt Extreme Christmas Thanks and Honors our Military Troops

remember our troopsWhile Military Deployments and hospital stays may keep many of our Nations’ Heroes away from their families this Holiday Season, Hyatt Extreme Christmas continues to give Thanks and Honors our Military Troops and their Families. 

We understand that the holidays can be a lonely time for many Military Families with land of the freeloved ones either away overseas or on assignment. With over 250,000 American Men & Women deployed throughout the world, military families are facing the challenge of preparing for the upcoming holiday season without their loved ones.

When soldiers leave to serve overseas, children are often the most affected.  There are an estimated 65,000 troops still deployed in Afghanistan, and each year their Family Traditions are celebrated through Cyberspace with the use of videos, emails and Skype Communication.  

military christmas cardThis year, Hyatt Extreme Christmas is participating in a program offered by the American Red Cross  “Holiday Mail for Heroes”.  Visitors at Hyatt Extreme Christmas will have the opportunity to extend holiday greetings and thanks to Service Members, Veterans, and their Families around the world.  

Located near the Snowmen Section of the display, visitors will find a Mail Box with an American Flag on it and a Card Table Station with paper and supplies where everyone can make a hand written card that will be delivered to a Service Member this Holiday Season. 

Mark Hyatt said He looks forward to filling up the Mail Box to the EXTREME with “Letters for Heroes”.don hyatt army photo

Coming from a Military Family, Mark’s Dad, Don Hyatt is a Highly Decorated Retired Army Veteran serving 4 years along with a tour of Duty Overseas in Korea for almost 2 years while successfully completing over 120 Enemy Combat Missions.  So Mark knows firsthand how difficult the Holiday Season can be.  You count on your friends and other family members and look for other ways to make the Holidays a Little Bit Brighter.

Mailbox USAMany Military Families make new traditions, such as visiting decorated holiday displays and decorated homes like Hyatt Extreme Christmas

We see a lot of Military Families come by said Mark Hyatt and thank us for what we do.  It’s just humbling to see these families making Home Videos and/ or Video Skype Calls to their loved ones.  Children are excited pointing out the Reindeers and other characters while telling their Dads that they can’t wait for them to come home so they can all come here together next year.

Randy Marine 1Chief of Security for Hyatt Extreme Christmas is a Marine Sergeant who has served 2 Tours of Duty overseas.  The Marine’s Family comes to our display every year and when he learned we needed help welcoming people to the display and organizing parking and security, Mr. Aames immediately volunteered his services as Chief of Security for Hyatt Extreme. 

There are 21 Military Bases here in Florida with 4 of them located here in South Florida.

District 7, Coast Guard   |  ISC Miami Coast Guard

NAS Key West Navy    |    AUTEC Complex, Navy West Palm Beach

After the events of September 11th 2001, Mark Hyatt incorporated into his display that year, a Tribute to our Service Men and Woman by Decorating on the South Side of the Display the Palm Trees in Red, White and Blue with a Huge Banner “United We Stand”.   Sun Sentinel Newspaper took a picture of this for the front page of their Article that year. Below is the picture where you can see on the left side is the Tribute to our Armed Forces in 2001 at their previous East Plantation Residence.  The Hyatts have been decorating their home for the Holidays since 1990.

 newspaper 2001 with united we stand

Mark and Kathy HyattHyatt Extreme Christmas 2013 Welcomes and Invites everyone to please join us and make our Holiday Display a part of your family tradition.

We look forward to seeing you, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Hyatt Family and Hyatt Extreme Christmas!

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