From either Interstate I-95 or the Turnpike or Interstate I-75 to Interstate I-595.  Once on I-595 exit onto Hiatus Road.  Hiatus Road is just in between Nob Hill Road and  Flamingo Road.  Proceed North on Hiatus Road to Broward Boulevard. (About a quarter mile) At the Intersection of  Broward Boulevard and Hiatus Road make a left had turn (going West) and immediately turn right (North) onto “Old Hiatus Road”. (small 2 lane road alongside the canal)   Continue North on “Old Hiatus Road” until you come to 14th Street.  See you there!

Google Map of Hyatt Extreme Christmas


If you have a question, just fill in the “Comment Box” below and we will post the answer as best we can.

Thanks for Visiting our Website, we hope you come by an see us.


  1. 1
    #1 Nephew Says:

    Love the site. You guys are crazy, buts thats why I love ya. I’m gonna be home on tuesday, I will come and see you and the kids.

  2. 2
    Thankful Says:

    Thanks so much for bringing joy to so many like me, who have been affected by layoffs and unemployment. I plan to bring my 5-yr old by your home so we can enjoy your display. Merry Christmas to you! God bless you always.

  3. 3
    Raquel Says:

    *Gates will open from Thursday to Sunday*

    does this mean guests cannot walk around the lights Mon- Wed?
    Heard good things and want to take my 2 year old and parents. Was hoping to go tonight…


    • For the 2010 Chistmas Holiday Season everyone can enjoy the lights upto 12/28. Today and Tomorrow 12/22 and 12/23 will be the final days the gates will be open where we welcome everyone to walk thru our Christmas Display. After tomorrow the Display can still be enjoyed, however it would be viewed from outside the gates.

  4. 5
    Sheila Says:

    I just heard of this wonderful display. i would love for my 3yr old grandson to see it. Im told that it may be still open until new Yer. Please let me know
    God Bless You

    • We would love for your Grandson to see Hyatt Extreme Christmas. On the front page of the website it states the operating hours and date which are basically the day after Thanksgiving to a few days after Christmas.

  5. 7
    Miriam glasser Says:

    Can I bring a double stroller, will I be able to get around? Its the side by side one,not too big

  6. 8
    Betsy Moshe Says:

    I Just heard about your beautiful Christmas display on the Paul and Young Ron show. I’m so glad you went on their show, I had no idea you were in the Acers, boy am I lucky “What do you mean Plantation is causing you a problem”
    I live in Plantation and am an avid amimal lover, this is what this season is all about, helping where it counts!!!
    I am going to see your wonderful display tonight and can’t wait.
    The kicker is that I don’t even celebrate Christmas, we celebrate Hanukkah, but have the Christmas sprit.
    Keep on going for it every year.
    Betsy moshe

  7. 9
    James Snowbird Says:

    When we arrive at 14th t. do wqe turn left or right?

    Ignore those “officials” who want to play Scrooge. Many of us would go to court if they pursue this and stand behind you.

  8. 10
    Amy Robinson Says:

    Hi, I wondered if your Christmas display will be up past Christmas? I would love to see it. Please let me know.
    Many thanks and Happy Holidays!

  9. 11
    Dean Says:

    me and a friend went by on the grand opening it was awesome house
    I can’t seem to find to many big display houses in south florida this is one of the best

    • 12
      Dean Says:

      Anybody know whats up with the 26street lights this year it was all dark went by it its the second best big house display hop the street from Hyatts House

  10. 13
    Linda Lovatt Says:

    How long will display be up? Last day to come and see. Does it get less crowded towards the end or about the same.

  11. 14
    Marcie Says:

    I understand the road is closed by your home. How are we supposed to come see your display of lights?
    My little boy is so disappointed!

  12. 15
    AJ Says:

    While I feel for your poor neighbors I must say this is quite the treat for families with kids riding around.

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